Why Independent Practice?

Advantages of being an Independent Practice:

As an independent medical practice, the physicians in the practice are able to see patients who are insured by most healthcare insurance carriers in the greater Pittsburgh area.

When our patients or their employer change health insurance providers, our patients don’t have to change doctors. The physicians in our practice are independent and accept and participate with most health insurance carriers available in the Pittsburgh area. Therefore, our patients should (in most cases) be able to continue to see the physicians in this practice. Patients should always check with their health insurance and the practice when contemplating a change in health insurance carriers or if their employer changes their health insurance to make sure our practice accepts their new health insurance.

Additionally, because this practice is independent and the physicians are not employed by healthcare systems in the Pittsburgh area, we are not obligated or encouraged to refer to their specific specialists in these health systems. We will find a specialist, when a specialty referral is needed, that is best suited for our patient’s individual needs and medical problems.

Also, for patients with high deductible insurance, the physicians in this practice will attempt to find the most cost-effective way of obtaining the appropriate diagnostic testing as well as specialty referrals on their behalf.

Use of physician assistants and other healthcare professionals:

Our practice does not employ physician assistants and all of our patient’s medical issues are directed to the physicians in this practice.

Telemedicine visits:

Telemedicine visits are provided to our patients when appropriate for their health problems, but the physicians in this practice are not encouraged to substitute telemedicine visits for problems best-taken care of by an office visit.